Survivor One World Two Tribes One Camp No Rules S24E01 (CBS)

Survivor One World

This season starts out with two surprises. Well, not really, but two changes to the game. The first thing is that the two tribes will be living in the same camp. The other thing is that it’s men vs women, kind of like on The Apprentice. Good or bad? In my opinion, it’s mostly good. A bunch of women together is a recipe for disaster. They will immediately start bickering, infighting and just making things go wrong. This is what happens with the ladies. Some of the women know that this is how it will be and would rather have some men on their tribe, but they have no choice. Alicia is particularly vindictive about Christina getting fire from the men in exchange for weaving some fronds. The men dug them a fire pit, made them fire and helped them maintain it. It was a fair exchange in my opinion, but she didn’t think so. She sounds like a feminist gone wrong.

Also, Colton is already snuggling up to the girls. He’s immediately alienated himself from his tribe and will be the first to go. However, his tribe doesn’t know that he’s got the Manono immunity idol, so he’ll at least survive the first vote. But that’s idiotic, because he’ll get immediately voted out later. Colton has got no idea on how to play the game, and from the previews, it looks like he’s going to start trouble.

It was obvious that people would get hurt, but I’m surprised that Kourtney managed to get a compound fracture of her wrist and arm on that little jump into the net. The women were surprised that the men took the win by a technicality, but they would have done the same. Kim was talking about how men from Texas are chivalrous. Chivalry never own anyone Survivor.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The tribes are going to be staying at the same camp. That’s an interesting change. The players seem to think they know all of the rules. Lots of them are planning their strategy already.

Kourtney is a cute tattooed lass. She’s wearing a stupid hat and repairs motorcycles. Gay dude Colton plans on using the girls. Some old dude is named Greg Tarzan, but he wants to be called Tarzan. There’s another guy named Troyzan.

It’s men vs women to start off with. A lot of the strategy goes out the door. It’s Manono vs Salani. They’ve got 60 seconds to strip the truck for survival gear. It’s a mad scramble.

Michael, espousing the typical banker, steals some of the women’s stuff right away. The sushi chef also participated.

Jeff doesn’t tell them that they are heading for the same camp. Chelsea is in medical sales and has got some nice tits. They’re fake.

I still don’t understand why these idiots don’t dress appropriately. There are some people wearing suits and dress clothes. WTF. You’re in Survivor. Dress like you’re going to the outback! Tarzan is a plastic surgeon.

There’s a midget in this season. Jonas is impressed with his strength.

Kourtney isn’t happy to be stuck with a bunch of women. Alicia, a special ed teacher, thinks that Kim, Chelsea and herself are the strongest women. She thinks that with Sabrina they’ve formed an alliance. Kat is annoying them all.

Kim is a hot bridal shop owner. She’s a bit older, mid to late thirties or so.

The women arrive first at camp and discover that they will be camping with the boys. The women go hunting for the chickens.

It doesn’t look like one world to me bro, it’s like their world and our world put together.

The tribes decide to split the chickens but Chelsea gets two of them right away. The girls decide to try to bargain. The boys realize that the girls need them more than they need them.

Immediately, Colton starts working with the girls much to the annoyance of the guys. Matt tells him off immediately. I guess that Colton doesn’t understand the mechanics of the game.

Matt, Mike, Jay, and Bill have an alliance of the strong men. Matt is an attorney.

Colton immediately starts strategizing with the women. He wants them to hand him over the immunity idol. This time around, there’s no Redemption Island.

Jay knows how to start a fire. He does so pretty quickly. That’s impressive. Sabrina comes begging for some embers. She wants to swap fire for a chicken.

Leif is a phlebotomist, a medical practitioner trained to draw blood. I thought those were called nurses.

They try to do so again. Then Alicia tries to steal fire. Alicia offers that Monica will take her bottoms offs. The guys aren’t interested.

Kim and Kat ask Mike if they can get some fire late at night. The boys aren’t giving them any.

The girls try to steal fire again. Monica, a housewife, and Christina try it again. The boys are sleeping around the fire. They get an ember on the end of a branch. It was stupid of the boys not to negotiate for the fire immediately. It was obvious that the women would try to steal it.

The next day, the women’s fire is out. It died very quickly. Kat tries to make fire. Christina goes to negotiate. Jonas tells her that if they gather 20 fronds for them, they’ll give them fire.

They have to weave the fronds. Alicia isn’t happy with this.

Sabrina is already hunting for the idol. She finds it. However, it’s an immunity idol for the Manano tribe. She can’t use it.

She decides to give it to Colton, but it takes her a while to make up her mind.

It’s time for the first immunity challenge. They have to jump off a tower into a net, walk across a giant balance beam, walk across a rope bridge. Once all of the tribe mates are at the matt, they win immunity. They are also playing for fire in the form of flint.

Right off the bat, some of the women hurt themselves. Instead of jumping and falling on their backs, some of them jump to land on their feet. Kourtney looks hurt. The men have a one person lead. They move onto the next obstacle.

Kourtney looks bad and Jeff calls for medical. She says that she is dizzy. Another woman has got a bloody nose from the jump. It looks like she broke her hand and wrist. The doctor isn’t sure yet of her status. She needs an x-ray.

According to the rules, the women have lost the challenge. Jeff tells them that they can continue the challenge. The men take immunity.

The women are going to tribal.

It’s a no-mercy game.

You got that right, it’s called Survivor for a reason!

The other injured woman is Nina, a retired LAPD officer. I guess that basic training is a long way off. She looks like someone punched her in the face.

Kim isn’t impressed with the men. It’s a game. Sabrina is coaching Colton on how to vote. Sabrina didn’t give the idol to Colton yet, but she does so after the challenge. I don’t know what Colton is thinking. He won’t last until the merge, the way he’s playing. Some of the men are already suspicious.

Sabrina thinks that they should vote out Kourtney because she’s injured. Alicia plans on calling Christina out for collaborating or talking with the boys.

Alicia tells Jeff Christina made a shady deal for fire. Kat defends Christina because they have fire now.

Because you’re wrong. Shut up!

It’s total anarchy.

We have them right where we want them, Nutsville.
Jeff about what the men are thinking about the women

There is some bickering about the fire between Alicia and Christina. Jeff says that Kourtney’s wrist is broken in a few places and will need surgery. She’s out. Jeff says that no one else is going out. Jeff gives them flint.

* * * * *

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44 thoughts on “Survivor One World Two Tribes One Camp No Rules S24E01 (CBS)”

  1. Is it that time again? I almost missed the first episode, didn’t realize the season was starting. Thank God for promos.

    Love the extended recap style. I actually learned something. I knew there was a guy named Tarzan, but I had no idea there was another one named Troyzan. What are the odds? For the first few episodes I don’t even try to remember the names.

    I agree, I think Colton will not last long. He’s being too obvious about siding with the girls. Even with the guys telling him to go over and socialize and spy, they sense he’s not going to be loyal to his team. Not the best strategy in the beginning of the game with so much time before there’s even a thought of a merge.

    I like that they got rid of Redemption Island this time around. Maybe they’ll go with your great idea of having a hidden tribe of those voted off as the twist.

    I think the women were ridiculous to think the guys should have just rolled over and rejected instant victory because someone on the girls team was injured. Anyway, the guys would have won regardless. They were so far ahead at the point the person on the women’s team was injured.

    The women’s team is a mess. It looks like we’ll have a few weeks of them losing and getting voted out. We’ll see…

    1. The women’s team is in shambles. I wonder how long they’ll last. Probably not long. After one episode, they were already at the breaking point.

      It’s going to be fun to watch though.

  2. I’m so confused this season. Too much work, I guess. Did I miss a post about Episode 2 or is it tonight? Seems like I saw one last week that I thought was Episode 2? The new one is airing now so I’ll figure it out. Can’t believe it’s Wednesday again!

  3. Hey, no problem. I’ve been crazy busy as well. Just thought I’d missed it. I’ll have to catch up this weekend on the old posts. The new episode airs in about twenty minutes so I’ll have three to read over the weekend.

    I was worried WordPress changed it’s comment structure and the link-back or whatever it’s called was no longer available. It’s so convenient to find your new posts using it. But I see them again on the comments. Okay, I’ll be back over the weekend!

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