Survivor Caramoan Fans Vs Favorites: Operation Thunder Dome S26E06 (CBS)

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Brandon definitely made Survivor history last week. The tribe unanimously decided to get rid of Brandon. Back at Bikal, the tribe is still reeling about what Brandon did. They are worried about how much the tribe of fans will finally get some momentum.

Even The Specialist couldn’t tell you what’s going on with him.
Philip about Brandon

Philip wants to get rid of Corinne. At Gota, the tribe receives tree mail.

It’s time for the reward challenge. Jeff talks to them a bit and then tells them to drop their buffs. They are switching tribes. Gota has Eddie, Reynolds, Andrea, Malcolm, Sherri, Erik and Brenda. Corinne, Philip, Michael, Cochran, Matt, Julia and Dawn are Bikal. They all get a new bag of rice and a new flint. The tribes are going back to their camps.

The Gota tribe is pretty happy. They group hug. Whatever. Reynolds and Eddie tell Erik and Malcolm about what’s been going on in camp. They want to get rid of Sherri. Erik says in a VT that this raised flags for him. Sherri spills the beans to Brenda and Andrea about Eddie and Reynolds.

Corinne likes Michael, Philip talks with Julia. Philip wants to use Julia. He gives her his spiel.

Malcolm and Andrea talk about the situation at camp.

I’m an accomplished liar when it comes to women.

Philip is already strategizing, thinking that he could use Julia. Corinne is worried because they don’t need her. They need an idol, not any numbers. Corinne talks to Dawn. They can’t believe what Philip is doing.

He can’t be left alone.
Dawn on Philip

It’s time for the immunity challenge. It’s the same setup as last time. I was wondering if they would use it again. Two members of each tribe will race to roll large crates back to the start. Then, the next two will go. Once they have collected all six, they must use them to create a staircase that spells out “Fans Vs Favorites”. Eddie and Erik have an early lead over Philip and Julia. Malcolm and Andrea are working well together. Michael and Dawn are trying to make up some time. Brenda and Reynolds are flying through. They almost lap Bikal. Malcolm and Eddie head out for the fifth crate. Philip and Cochran are on their 4th. Gota laps Bikal. Gota has got all of their crates. Philip is sent out again. That’s a lot and he’s walking the crate back. Bikal has got all of their crates back.

Gota has got 3 crates in place. Meanwhile, Julia and Philip are bickering. Julia tells them to put the wrong crate up high. It doesn’t really matter. Gota has 5 in place. Gota wins immunity. Bikal didn’t have one crate placed correctly. Dawn is crying in frustration. Gota totally dominated the challenge.

Back at camp, Philip makes a little speech. It annoys Corinne and probably some of the others. Matt asks Philip what will happen tonight. Philip says that Julia has to go. Matt is here. Philip starts talking about Stealth R Us again. WTF. He continues his BS. Philip tells them that someone else in his alliance will tell them what to do. If they do so, they should do it unless Philip tells them otherwise. Matt wants to LOL but he keeps a straight face and kisses some ass.

Matt and Michael are talking to Julia privately. They don’t tell her what’s going on. She thinks that they should all vote for Dawn. Later, Corinne talks to them. Cochran is there as well. Cochran thinks that it makes sense to vote out Julia, but leaving in a non-spoken power couple like Michael and Matt could be dangerous. Cochran doesn’t think that either of them has the idol. He’s not sure how the vote will go because the idols are in play.

Before tribal, the favorites are talking about who to vote for. It’s a toss up between Matt and Julia. Corinne would like to get rid of Julia, and she doesn’t like her. Cochran wants to flush the idol out, if there is one in play. Voting for Matt makes sense that way. Philip wants the girl gone.

It’s time for tribal. Michael has no doubt that one of the fans will be evicted. Corinne makes an ass of herself again by talking about the gay. She says that she would have liked to replace at least 3 members in her own alliance by the fans. Corinne says that she’s paranoid about the immunity idol. If one of them has it, they could send one of the favorites home. It was also important not to divulge any information about how the vote will go, because that would allow the fans to place their idol in play in the most effective manner.

They’re forming a strong tribe of 7, probably, they are kind of like the bold and the beautiful group. I don’t see me necessarily penetrating that group.

Vote to Evict

Cochran Matt
Corinne Matt
Dawn Matt
Philip Matt
Julia Dawn
Matt Julia
Michael Julia

Matt is voted out by a 4-2-1 vote (Matt, Julia, Dawn).

* * * * *

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9 thoughts on “Survivor Caramoan Fans Vs Favorites: Operation Thunder Dome S26E06 (CBS)”

  1. I didn’t catch the Philip or Malcolm quotes you posted. They are great, although it diminishes Malcolm a bit in my eyes. That’s not a game statement overall and says a lot about him.

    I think it’s strange that the other tribe members tolerate Philip’s fantasy life. They all allow him to manipulate them for some reason. Even Philip’s own alliance allows it, so it’s not the fear of being voted out. I wonder why. I don’t want them to vote Philip out, because he’s entertaining to watch, but I wonder why he always gets away with it.

    So, do you have any guesses yet on who will end up in the final three? I’d like to see either Reynolds or Malcolm in the mix, but after reading Malcolm’s quote I’m leaning toward Reynolds but I’m unsure he can make it unless he keeps finding idols and winning challenges. He has a target on his back.

    I keep forgetting about Cochran. They don’t focus on him too much. I hope he keeps advancing.

    I’m not a fan of Corinne, I’d choose Sherri over her but I don’t think Sherri will last much longer. I guess I’ll have to go with Dawn for now and find out how things work out. Another one they never mention is Brenda. I’m happy about that. Never liked her. Hope she gets booted out soon.

    Okay, that’s it for me. See you next time.

    1. I don’t know why they indulge Philip. Even if they didn’t, I doubt that it would stop him from talking. I don’t think that Reynolds will last long, as well as Eddie. They both had a target on their back recently, and it’s bound to happen again. The returning players have had a lot more experience, and they’ll be able to navigate to the merge.

      The final 3 is a long time away. Before that, it’s the merge. Cochran has been somewhat less featured in this season. I don’t know why because he’s always entertaining.

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