Survivor Philippines Dead Man Walking S25E08 (CBS)

Survivor Philippines intertitle, via Wikipedia

Jeff tells Penner that everyone was wishy-washy. Penner is pissed. He asks Denise. She says that she voted for him. Jeff wants Penner gone.

Scoop tells Penner not to give up. There are cracks in their alliances. They should wait until someone comes up to them.

The next day, Penner goes fishing. Lisa thinks that after Scoop and Penner are gone, it will be Artis, Abi and Pete’s turn to go.

Jeff thinks that he can use her to work against the players on top.

It’s time for the reward challenge. The tribe will be divided into two. Tribemembers will run into the water with a line, link it to a fishtrap, and the rest of them will haul it back. There are 4 out there. One tribemember will dig to find a key to unlock a puzzle frame.

The winning team will leave and go on a river cruise with lots of food. Jeff is in the lead. Abi is close behind. Penner goes next for yellow. Pete goes in for blue. Lisa goes in for yellow. She’s slow. Carter catches up easily with her. Scoop goes out for blue. The yellow team is behind. Denise goes out for the final fish trap. Scoop can’t find the trap. Denise finds it and it’s released. Scoop looks dead.

Malcolm digs for yellow. Artis digs for blue. Artis finds it first. The traps have puzzle scrolls. Malcolm has got it. Penner and Jeff are working on the scrolls. Pete and Scoop are working together. Yellow is in the lead. Yellow team wins. Malcolm, Jeff, Lisa, Penner, and Denise are going for reward.

Back at camp, Pete starts a fire and they cook some beans. Abi has got a big mouth and starts leaking information. Pete talks strategy with her. He knows if he gets to the final 3 with her, she won’t get any votes.

On the boat, Penner tries to take advantage of the good/evil duality going on. Pete, Artis and Abi are the evil ones. The rest of the tribe is good. That’s what they say.

Lisa thinks that after Penner goes home, it makes much more sense to go to the end with Artis, Abi and Pete. I don’t think that’s likely. I think that Lisa is going to be gone eventually.

Lisa talks to Scoop about the immunity idol that Malcolm has. She wants to use it in order to keep him in. Scoop wants to know what happens if Penner wins immunity. Penner walks in. They have to stop talking.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will race over and under obstacles, collecting puzzle piece bags. The first three move onto the final, where they have to assemble a puzzle.

Jeff, Pete and Scoop are in the early lead. Malcolm and Penner make up some ground.

Pete is in. As is Jeff. Penner is in, by lunging ahead of Scoop. Impressive.

Pete and Jeff are in the lead. Penner manages to catch up. Jeff is in the lead. Penner is in the lead and he wins immunity. Out of the blue. Cool. There are some sad faces in the tribe.

Back at camp, Malcolm and Jeff say that it’s Scoop.

Lisa now tells Pete that Malcolm has the immunity idol from Matsing. Lisa wants to blindside Malcolm tonight to get rid of him. Pete talks to Malcolm about the idol. Pete tells him that they could send Jeff home. Pete believes Malcolm because he looked like he was freaking out. He doesn’t know what Lisa was trying to pull. Malcolm and Pete talk with Penner, Scoop and Carter. They all decide to vote for Jeff. Denise and Artis are there as well. It looks like Jeff is a goner.

Lisa is talking to Pete again. She knows that the shit has hit the fan. Malcolm talks with Jeff. Now they are talking about voting to Pete. Everyone decides to vote for him. The voting is going all over the place and Carter tells Jeff that he thought they were voting for him.

Everyone is scrambling before going to tribal.

It’s time for tribal. Malcolm says that Lisa threw him under the bus. Abi and Lisa are talking about strategy. Lisa says that Malcolm has an immunity idol. Lisa admits to playing both sides. Malcolm takes his idol out and says that she is playing it. Jeff jokingly asks if anyone else wants to pull out an idol. Abi pulls it out. She says that she was selflessly keeping it with her for her alliance. It’s gotten so confusing that Penner asks his alliance to vote as they planned. Lisa says that it’s time for plan b.

Votes to Evict

Penner Abi
Scoop Jeff
Jeff Pete
Malcolm Pete
Denise Pete
Artis Jeff
Lisa Jeff
Carter Pete
Pete Jeff
Abi Jeff

Malcolm doesn’t play the idol. Neither does Abi. Jeff is voted out (5-4-1, Jeff-Pete-Abi). Malcolm looks shocked.

* * * * *

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22 thoughts on “Survivor Philippines Dead Man Walking S25E08 (CBS)”

  1. I’m happy Malcolm stayed. I’m hoping he might win. I’m still confused over the Lisa thing. She spills everything in front of everyone. I’m not sure how that will help with either alliance. I have to agree with you, Lisa will not last long unless people want to keep her knowing they can win against her. I wonder how surprised people will be when they find out who she really is.

    It will be interesting to see how this all plays out next week.

    1. If she continues like this, it won’t take long for the Facts of Life to spill out for everyone to see. Penner and Scoop know her, and Scoop is bad at keeping secrets. He’s bad at a lot of things.

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