Survivor Nicaragua Turf Wars S21E05 (CBS)

Holly is worried when she gets back to camp. She knows that she’s on the outs. And yes, they refer to Jud as Fabio in the intro as well. Marty is pretty happy. The next people that will be voted out are Jane and Holly.

At La Flor, Nay thinks that she is controlling the game with Chase, Brenda, Purple Kelly, and Sash.

At the challenge, Jeff tells them to drop their buffs. They are switching it up. Everyone is shocked. Brenda and Holly are the new captains. Brenda has to pick 3 members of the older tribe. Holly has to pick for young ones. Jane, Jill, and Marty join the young ones. Alina, Benry, Chase, and Nay join the old ones. That mixes it up nicely. This challenge is for reward. Two members of each tribe will throw some balls into a slanted maze. Two members of the other tribe need to catch them. They are playing for two chickens and one rooster. If they drop the ball, the other tribe scores a point. Sash drops one and Espada scores. Ty drops one. La Flor scores. Marty drops one. Espada scores. It’s 2-1. Alina drops one. It’s 2-2. Marty drops one again and Espada scores. They win reward.

Back at camp, Ty drones on about some BS stuff. Alina finds him annoying. Holly keeps calling the new younger tribe members as kids. Holly tells Nay and Alina that she wants to be in their alliance. Nay and Alina have to work together.

Fabio is happy with the new people. He also likes the odds. There only three new members. They don’t have the numbers. Brenda tells the old ones that they don’t like rules. Jane tells Brenda and Kelly B that she doesn’t like Marty and Jill.

Marty is surprised to learn that Nay got the clues and kept it to herself. Marty spouts some shit and tells everyone that he has an immunity idol. That’s a bonehead manoeuvre. Brenda thinks that Marty is really arrogant. Brenda thinks that he’s an idiot.

At Espada, it starts to rain. Benry says that the shelter is crap. Nay is hurting because of the rain. Boohoo.

Nay seems like a high school girl. She’s irrational and crazy and she just seems like she’s on a period all the time.

Alina relishes this. It’s pathetic.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Three members from each tribe will be strapped to a big wheel. Another member will rotate the wheel. They have to take water into their mouths to spit into a small bowl. Once the tube fills up, a ball will be released. The other members have to break tiles. The first tribe to 5 tiles wins immunity. For some reason, Espada slows down. La Flor is spinning almost twice as fast. Espada slows down even further. They have the lead. La Flor catches up. Espada releases their ball. Ty and Benry have to break tiles. They had time to break one tile. Jane breaks one for La Flor. Jud breaks another. Benry has another. Jud hits another. It’s 3-2. Jane connects. It’s 4-2. Benry breaks one. It’s 4-3. Benry breaks another one. It’s 4-4. Fabio connects. La Flor wins.

Nay says that she wants to go home. She says that Espada is cursed. They decide to eat a chicken. Ty doesn’t want to. They vote for it. They kill one and boil it. Ty feasts on a big piece. He took more than everyone else. It’s hypocritical. Benry doesn’t like it. Neither does Alina. Benry wants to evict him. Alina tells Yve that Nay is the target. Chase had to comfort her last night.

At tribal, Benry says that Ty is the boss man. Alina says that there are a lot of rules and turf wars. Alina says that Ty treated them like children. Nay says that this was worse than her divorce. Benry doesn’t want to say anything. Yve says that she questioned Nay.

There are a lot of smart people on this team. They knew when to shut up and when to talk.

Vote to Evict

Ty                           Nay
Benry                    Ty
Holly                      Ty
Yve                         Nay
Nay                        Ty
Alina                      Ty
Dan                        Ty
Chase                    Ty

Ty gets evicted by a 6-2 vote. He just dug a hole for himself by being very bossy and greedy. That never goes down well.

* * * * *

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75 thoughts on “Survivor Nicaragua Turf Wars S21E05 (CBS)”

  1. Is it just me, or was that the creepiest Immunity Challenge ever? There is no way I’d let any of those million-dollar-wannabes tribe mates strap me onto a wheel with two other people and then make me spit and spin for half-an-hour. Once the container of water tips they have the freedom to run over to the next task and, with my luck, I’d be left hanging on the bottom of the wheel with my head underwater. No thank you.

    I’m still not able to connect some of these names with players. As soon as I remember who they are they get voted off. And that’s only because the episode focuses on them before they go. As more get voted off and there are less people to watch then I’m able to recall who they are when I see them and recognize the name.

    I actually felt sorry for poor lil’ Nay this last episode. It is a bit scary to be at the mercy of Mother Nature in unfamiliar territory with nothing to shield you from the cold and wet and a long dark night of misery. At least Chase had some compassion and helped her through it. What a nice guy.

    As for Ty, I didn’t think he said anything so bad. All he was trying to do was let the new members know how the Older Tribe kept their camp running. The young ones sure didn’t like someone telling them how to do anything. humph! If I want to sleep until noon I will. Why should I pick up a piece of wood when I go for a walk? What’s in it for me?

    But when Ty grabbed half the chicken after making a case for not killing it, that’s when his fate was sealed. It doesn’t matter how strong you are, when you grab more than your share in front of starving tribe mates you are a liability to the team. Your tribe won’t be strong if only one member is getting the bulk of nourishment.

    They made the right choice. Nay may have had one bad night, but she’s a tough one. She might be weakened but I don’t think she’s done yet. After all, she still has the Immunity Idol. She won’t make it all the way because her social game is a disaster. She’ll be an easy vote to go later on.

  2. Nay wasn’t as obnoxious as in previous episodes, but Ty definitely dug his own hole, by bossing everyone around and by eating a lot of the chicken, after telling everyone that he was against it.

    I know what you mean. It’s probably the first time that we’ve seen anything about Chase. How about Purple Kelly? She’s got a cool nickname, but we haven’t seen much either.

    The new tribes will make things interesting.

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