Survivor One World Just Annihilate Them S24E08 (CBS)

Survivor One World

This season starts out with two surprises. Well, not really, but two changes to the game. The first thing is that the two tribes will be living in the same camp. The other thing is that it’s men vs women, kind of like on The Apprentice. Good or bad? In my opinion, it’s mostly good. A bunch of women together is a recipe for disaster. They will immediately start bickering, infighting and just making things go wrong. This is what happens with the ladies.

At the reward, Kim tells Sabrina her plan of getting rid of the boys and going back to an all-women alliance. She’s up for this, but this involves some deceit on Kim’s part in order to get the right kind of votes.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Troyzan and Jay are talking about Jonas. They say that it needs to be a girl going next. Jay is worried that the girls will make an alliances and turn on them.

The tribe gets a message in a bottle.

It’s time for the reward challenge. They are going to be divided into two tribes, race down a giant waterside, run into the water to grab a puzzle crate. They will work together to gather the other crates. The first tribe who assembles the puzzle wins reward. They will be taken way to an oasis. They will get a BBW with burgers, pie, steaks, etc. Jeff lets them share a 7-up to give them a taste.

Tarzan is not picked during the schoolyard pick. He sits it out. The teams are close. Kat is pitiful as usual. She has trouble with one of the hooks holding the crates and delays her team. Christina has a nice wedgie as she slides down. Alisha lands hard. That’s karma.

For some reason, Christina runs off to the puzzle instead of helping out. The tribes are close to solving them. The yellow tribe wins. That’s Mike, Sabrina, Kim, Christina and Leif. The others are heading back to camp.

Leif is happy about the reward. It’s his first reward. Sabrina says grace. Kim and Sabrina start talking strategy after having pigged out a bit. They want to get rid of the boys. Christina isn’t part of their talks. They want to get rid of Mike. They formulate a plan to get rid of Mike by using Troy.

The others talk strategy and want to get rid of Christina. Kat wants to take out Mike. Jay doesn’t trust them.

The others came back with a cooler filled with 7-up.

A storm is coming in. The survivors have a terrible night. They decide to build up their shelter.

The most educated people have no common sense.

Tarzan is taking apart the bamboo of the shelter to make firewood. He starts arguing with the tribe. Tarzan is a bit of an asshat. Later, he takes it up with Chelsea on the side. There’s a double rainbow in the distance.

Kim tells Troy that Mike is planting the seed that he might make it to the end. She’s playing the game well. Troy starts to hate Mike.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will race across a ladder bridge while manipulating a bag of puzzle pieces. The first four will move onto the final round. They will have to assemble a complicated puzzle.

It starts to rain. Jay is in the lead. Troy, Mike and Kim are close behind. Jay moves on. Kim moves onto the final. Mike and Troy are stuck. Troy gets through. Alyscha moves onto the final as well while she flashes America her tits. The puzzle has 60 pieces. Alischa is in the lead but realizes that something is wrong. Kim gets closer. Both Jay and Troy are back in it. It’s between Kim and Jay. Jay wins. He was extremely methodical. That was impressive. He was dead last most of the challenge.

Back at camp, Chelsea makes a stupid mistake by talking about voting for Mike to Jay in front of Christina and Alishia, both of whom aren’t supposed to be in their alliance. It arouses Jay’s suspicions, who was already weary of a possible all female alliance. Kim can’t believe that Chelsea did that. Sabrina thinks that they tipped their hand.

Before Jay can talk with Mike, Kim does some damage control and tells them that they will send Christina home. She was just placating them.

The girls are being very smug at tribal. They talk about multiple alliances with more than one group. Tarzan says that Jeff is being played by the women.

Votes to Evict

Alisha Tarzan
Chelsea Mike
Christina Mike
Jay Mike
Kat Mike
Kim Mike
Leif Mike
Mike Christina
Sabrina Mike
Tarzan Christina
Troyzan Mike

Mike is voted out by a 7-2-1 vote (Mike, Tarzan, Christina).

* * * * *

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