Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Survivor History S20E09 (CBS)

Basically, the situation at the Villain’s camp is all down to Coach and Jerri. Jerri talks with Danielle, who says that she didn’t want to tell her. Russ doesn’t tell Jerri her that he was the instigator of Coach’s demise. Well, actually Sandra was, but Russ believes that it was all him.

The next day, they get treemail. It says that they have to do some kind of challenge from Survivor Tocantins. They will have to balance on some pegs. Rupert thinks that he is the strongest of everyone left. He’s totally delusional. It’s time for the challenge. They have to balance on pegs between planks. They are playing for a feast from Outback Steakhouse. Jeff says that there is going to be so much food that they won’t be able to finish it. Russ sits the challenge out. Today it is the 100th day that Amanda has played Survivor. Kind of awesome. Danielle vs Candice, Courtney vs Amanda, Parv vs JT, Colby vs Jerri, Sandra vs Rupert. All of the tribes make it to the last peg. Colby is the 1st one out. Jerri scores a point for the Villains. Rupert is out. The Villains get another point. They need another point to win. Amanda is out. The Villains win reward.

Sandra loves Outback Steakhouse. Her husband is a soldier. Parv gets another clue to the immunity idol. She manages to hide it. The girls make fun of Rupert. It’s funny. Parv acts shifty. She shows the clue to Danielle while they go pee. Danielle hides the clue in her cleavage. None of them had any pockets. They don’t plan on telling Russ.

Back at camp, JT shares his bonehead manoeuvre. He wants to give Russ the immunity idol during the next challenge. Amanda is suspicious of Russ. She talks it over with Candice. It’s a good way of flushing out the idol. Then they can get rid of JT.

At the Villains’ camp, the Parv and Danielle go looking for the immunity idol. Russ is staring at the ocean, thinking about things. Russ knows that something is up. He goes looking for them. The girls find it. She doesn’t plan on telling him that they have it.

JT writes a letter to Russ. If they win, he will give Russ the idol. It’s time for the next challenge. Both tribes start off at a platform in the water. They must move puzzle pieces along a rope course. They must then build a statue with the pieces. Sandra is sitting this challenge out. Jerri starts out against Rupert. Rupert is pretty quick. The bag gets heavier because it’s soaked in water. JT is next against Danielle. The Heroes have got the lead. Amanda vs Parv. The Heroes have a good lead. Candice Vs Courntey. Colby prepares Russ for the package that he is receiving from JT. He even tells him to get rid of Parv. Russ has just got a smirk on his face. Colby finishes. The Heroes start assembling the puzzle. Russ is still on the course when the Heroes win. JT hands off the idol to Russ. This means that the Villains have two idols. That was one of the stupidest moves ever. JT thinks that they made Survivor history. Russ makes an idiotic move. He shows JT’s message to Parv.

How do you give the idol king an idol?

JT just gave his heart to Russ, who will stab it a million times. Russ handed me his heart and I’m going to eat it.

Courtney makes a backhand deal with Parv. She talks it over with Russ and the others. Russ shows Danielle and Jerri the idol he got from the Heroes. They all agree that Sandra needs to go because she’s more of a threat. Both Russ and Jerri believe that Courtney will flip.

It’s time for tribal council. Russ always asks the same question: who can you trust the most? For some reason, Danielle and Sandra get into an argument. The others are just letting them dig their own holes. Courtney makes her point very well. She speaks well and clearly, and puts Jerri in her place, who said that she wasn’t asked to be in Boston Rob’s alliance. Courtney is voted out. Tomorrow will the 100th day that Parv will have played Survivor.

* * * * *

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89 thoughts on “Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Survivor History S20E09 (CBS)”

  1. They need to put JT’s note on Ebay. Bet they’d make some money off it.

    Although it’s named as the biggest blunder in Survivor history, I have to say that the plan itself wasn’t a bad one. It would have been a perfect blindside had it been someone other than Russell as the recipient of the idol AND that what they surmised had been correct, that there was a girls’ alliance ruling the Villain’s tribe.

    Still, it was so much fun to watch!

    I made the mistake of reading a few spoilers and it has taken away some of the excitement of this season. Couldn’t help myself. I wanted to know. sigh.

  2. Kept away from the spoilers myself, although I had figured it out last week. Russ’ big mistake is showing off to his alliance. He will come to regret this.

  3. In a way, I don’t blame him for showing off this time. I mean, this was unprecedented in the game. And how could he hold something like in? I wonder if Parvati will ‘fess up about the idol she found. As soon as she does, then I’m sure he’ll know it was a big mistake to trust her. But I think he does some of it just to prove to them that he trusts them, and assumes they want him to lead them. That might be a mistake. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

  4. Yep, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. It’s hard to see what will exactly happen after the merge. It could go either way. Even if Russ tipped his hand, he is a very clever player and I doubt that Parv has slipped the wool over his eyes.

  5. I heard on the news this afternoon that Russell was arrested today for knocking some guy to the floor at a party. Haven’t heard anything else (and I haven’t searched for it online) yet.

    Just wanted to mention it. Couldn’t wait for your update on the latest Survivor episode. I’ll watch for it on Sunday.

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