Survivor Redemption Island You Own My Vote S22E02 (CBS)

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I don’t really know what to make of the move that Rob pulled this week. After seeing that Andrea and Matt were getting closer, he had Matt on his radar but in the beginning, it looked like Philip was on his radar. This means that Rob is already trimming the fat from his own alliance. It’s only day 5. I think that Rob saw that Matt was playing the long game, and it rubbed him the wrong way. By voting off Matt, Rob will piss off Andrea and from the previews, it looks like she’s going to try and mess things up for Rob, though I’m not sure how much she can do. Rob has got his alliance in order.

One idol has already been played and another has been discovered by Ralph. Ralph and Russ don’t get along and it will be interesting to see what happens when they lose an immunity challenge. However, since Ometepe voted off another strong player in Matt, I doubt that they will be able to win a challenge. Grant and Rob can’t make up the slack. The other side has got more strength.

* * * * *

The action picks up with Francesca on Redemption Island. She’s happy that she’s got flint. Ometepe comes back to camp and things look pretty bleak for Kristina. Immediately, Philip wants to talk with Rob. Rob knows that Philip has been lying. He doesn’t need to be an ex-FBI agent to figure that out. Philip tells Rob that he owns his vote. WTF. It’s a bunch of BS. He says that this is good enough until Redemption Island. Rob thinks that Philip is delusional and not all there.

Let this be a lesson. Government jobs… stressful.
Boston Rob

Boston Rob wants to get rid of Philip next. He tells his alliance to vote for Philip.

The next day, Philip is hunting in his purple briefs. The rest of the tribe is watching him and laughing at him. In his VT, Philip chokes up and starts to cry when he talks about the uniform and oath of a federal agent. WTF again! He’s missing his brains. Philip’s voice is all ragged. He manages to get a tiny hermit crab, which people usually use as bait.

At Zapatera, Russ thinks that Ralph is the stupidest person on the planet. Russ tells Krista that he will start looking for the idol today. He says that there will be a clue for the idol with today’s reward.

The other tribemates notice Russ looking for the idol. Meanwhile, the stupidest player in the world Ralph finds an idol. I knew this would happen. The survivors are pulling Russell Hantz’s all over the place!

Andrea wouldn’t mind hooking up with Matt. Rob isn’t happy to see this. He knows how strong a pair can be. He asks Natalie about Matty and Andrea. She says that they are dangerous. He says that the plan is to get rid of either Andrea or Philip. Matt will be hurt, but he needs to stay.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Phil is full of pep. Jeff makes fun of him. For today’s challenge, the tribemates will be swim out to a platform, climb it, and smash a tile to retrieve a key. Then the next person will go. There are five keys to retrieve. The keys open a box that has a ball. The ball will be used to break five more tiles. The first tribe to finish wins immunity and reward. There is fishing gear up for grabs. Grant is pretty fast. He beats the old guy. Sarita’s bottoms are falling off. Ometepe has a one key lead. Zapatera was behind, but thanks to Mike they caught up. Stephanie has got the box open. Ralph and Philip are tossing the balls. Ralph has got a bit of a lead. The lead is two tiles. No, three. Philip catches up. Zapatera wins reward and immunity. That was a good challenge, but in the end, Ometepe was coming from behind.

For some reason, Matt goes over to the other side to shake their hands. Rob is livid.

Russ grabs the clue from the basket and hides it quickly. Ralph sees him do this. Ralph tells everyone else. Russ shows his alliance the clue to the immunity idol. Sarita tells Mike, who’s pissed about what Russ did. Both Mike and Ralph try to confront Russ about the clue. Some other guy joins in the fight. Russ says that he doesn’t have it. Russ says that he doesn’t like how Ralph is coming at him. Ralph went off on Russ.

Back at the Ometepe camp, they have to endure another pre-tribal speech by Philip. Philip lost the challenge. Before heading out to tribal, Kristina puts on her immunity idol. Kristina is playing the idol because the other side still has the votes.

Rob, Grant and Ashley talk about the vote. They will put four votes on Matt. They won’t tell Matt this. They tell everyone that the boys will vote for Philip and the girls will vote for Kristina. Rob thinks that it’s a win-win situation. It will flush the idol out and break Matt and Andrea apart.

Rob talks with Philip. He tells him to chillax and not to have a tirade at tribal. Rob tells him what to do and how to act. Rob knows Phil’s nature, so he will tell him at the last moment who to vote for. Philip needs to act like he’s going home. If Philip acts like he’s supposed to, then he can start earning his way back into the “rotation”. I’m paraphrasing Rob.

It’s time for tribal. Philip runs his mouth. Rob is very diplomatic. Philip says that he’s looking forward to duking it out with Francesca on Redemption Island. Rob gives the signal to Philip to vote for Kristina.

Votes to Evict

Matt                      Philip
Philip                     Kristina NA
Rob                        Matt
Ashley                  Matt
Natalie                  Matt
Grant                    Matt
Andrea                 Kristina NA
Kristina                 Philip

Kristina plays the idol. Matt is sent packing by a 4-2-2 (Matt-Kristina-Philip). Andrea, Kristina, and Philip are the only ones surprised by this result.

* * * * *

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65 thoughts on “Survivor Redemption Island You Own My Vote S22E02 (CBS)”

  1. I think the two oldies (Russ and Rob) are a bit paranoid this time around. And it’s funny that everyone knows their game because they’ve all watched it on previous seasons of Survivor. Those two don’t have any new tricks to play so I really don’t think either will get to the end. I’m not sure Russell can bully this bunch into submission and I’m not sure Rob can charm his way into a million dollars. Too many people know too much about them and how they play the game. But it’s sure fun to watch them try.

    We’ll see… Can’t wait for Wednesday.

    1. It is fun to watch, and I think that Rob has a better chance, at least for now. Russ’ tribe is already weary of him.

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